Strut though the week in our new arrivals!
Strut though the week in our new arrivals!
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About Us

Hey y' all! I'm Courtney, a Nashville girl born & raised. I graduated from Belmont University with a Nursing Degree and currently work in the area of Mother-Baby. Three days a week, I help care for moms and their precious new born babies! Outside of the hospital, my friends, family, and my hubby are my greatest blessings. I try to strive every day to be the best version of myself and to put God first. Of course, I’m human and just like many others, I too fall short of this more days than not. You can normally find me at Chick-fil-a, or being the shopaholic that I am, at your closest mall for some retail therapy. 

I’m sure you are thinking a registered nurse who started a clothing boutique? Well, with a love of fashion, my Mom and I started Strut25 Boutique as a hobby and way to share our LOVE OF FASHION with others. Fashion, to me, is the perfect way to give yourself that boost of self-confidence you have been needing. It’s an outlet to feel like your best self, and a way to express your personality. I’m all about having lazy days to sit around in sweat pants and watch Netflix, but I also love dressing up. I spend majority of my days in scrubs, so occasionally, it's nice to dress up! Our hope is to encourage you and to brighten your day with some AFFORDABLE retail therapy! Strut25 Boutique has a variety of fashion pieces from everyday wear to more dressy pieces for date night. We hope there is something here for everyone!

“Cheers to life, love, and that ADORABLE new shirt in your closet!”